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Customs Brokerage

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1439 N Franklin St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15233 USA

Local & International:

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Domestic Freight Services

US logistics, amazon fulfillment, third party logistics, Fulfillment, eCommerce, warehousing, , fulfillment planning, product shipping, warehouse fulfillment services, warehouse fulfillment, warehouse and fulfillment, U.S. warehouse companySine Trading International is your one stop shop for US shipping logistics. Our network saves time and money through specialized operators, 15+ ports of entry, service area coverage and choice of carrier. Sine Trading understands that each client has specific delivery needs. We answer these needs through strategic logistics partnerships and innovations to deliver cost effective services to your industry. Sine Trading's freight forwarding software confidently manages 800 to 2000 trucks every day. Partner with Sine to take advantage of our domestic shipping platform.

E-Commerce Services

Sine Trading can import and deliver your e-commerce packages to designated distribution center(s) for fulfillment to US consumers. Our e-commerce services work directly with the networks and technologies of Amazon, Rakutan, Alibaba, and third party distribution centers. Paired with our vast network of delivery partners, including the major players UPS, USPS, and FedEx, Sine services the American consumer from coast to coast with ease.

Sine promotes your twenty-first century business with twenty-first century solutions. We manage the import of 100 shipments daily for delivery to distribution warehouses. Sine's proprietary software consolidates your shipments with our partners, delivering your products to their distribution centers under cost and on time.

Sine's logistics staff is highly knowledgeable in all import procedures, admissibility requirements, distribution processes, partner technologies, and the infrastructure of US distribution centers. Sine will provide you personalized advice on your business, as each of our partners' business is our business.

Call Sine Trading International at (412)2816699 to talk about your e-commerce requirements and ambitions today!

International Freight Forwarding Partnerships

As your international business partner, Sine Trading imports and clears all your exports to the U.S. Our veteran staff delivers prompt, effective, documented feedback that ensures shipments are imported and cleared on time and on budget. Sine operates a container freight station and is versed with importing duties and fees, allowing us to import and clear shipments in under 24 hours. Using Sine Trading as a logistics partner ensures higher ROI and faster response times.

Sine Trading International delivers convenience to our partners' FCL, LCL, DDU, DDP, and FBA shipments. We have delivery services at fifteen of America's largest air and seaports, allowing us to offer flexible import solutions. Partner with Sine Trading International today to better serve your customers!

Sine Trading's Capabilities:

  • Manage Delivery from Import to Clearance to Destination
  • Improve Shipping Costs and Time Performance
  • Proprietary Logistics Software
  • E-commerce logistics
  • Shipment Consolidation Benefits
  • Domestic Freight Network
  • Fast Response
  • Licensed Container Freight Stations
  • Just-in-Time Delivery Logistics
  • Pay Taxes and Duties on Your Behalf
  • Accesses to Technical Support
  • Global Logistics Service Network

If you need only customs broker services, Sine's ability to work with your in-house fulfillment & delivery partners expands upon our value of added importing and delivery services. Contact Sine Trading International today to utilize our licensed logistics services.